Red Velvet Cupcakery

Mmmm…cupcakes. They are so cute and such a delight to eat.

The other day, we spoiled ourselves silly with some cupcakes from new-to-me Red Velvet Cupcakery. We got a dozen – yes, a dozen! – cupcakes so we got to try out few different flavors:

Devil’s food (chocolate cake with bittersweet chocolate ganache) :: Cookies ‘n cream (cookie pieces blended into the cake and topped with buttercream) :: Peanut butter cup (chocolate cake infused with chocolate chips and peanut butter topping) :: B-day (an almond scented cake with Valrhona milk chocolate frosting) :: Summertime(a light and lemony cake with whipped cream cheese topping) :: Southern belle (their specialty, red velvet cupcake)

Red Velvet Cupcakery
Red Velvet CupcakeryThey all tasted amazing. The cake was moist and dense. The frosting was sweet and creamy, but they didn’t make me sick in the stomach after eating a whole bunch.

I would love to visit again, but these gourmet cupcakes aren’t exactly wallet-friendly. And besides, I would much rather try cupcakes from other new-to-me places.

Now, I do have one teeny tiny complaint about Red Velvet Cupcakery.

I don’t know why some eating establishments are so stingy. At Red Velvet Cupcakery, napkins and utensils weren't readily available for the customers to take. And when we asked for them, they gave us 2 napkins. Okay, we just paid $3.25 per cupcake and you can only give us 2 napkins? Sheesh.

Oh well, at least they provided good service so this utensils/napkins complaint I have isn't enough for me to give Red Velvet Cupcakery a negative review. Besides, I really do like their cupcakes.


  1. Mmm..they do look good! Now I am hungry! :P

  2. The cupcakes were alright, but the icings were all super yummy! Regarding the napkins and utensils, I would probably do the same thing if I was running my own shop. Then again, I'm a cheap bastard.


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