iced in

Iced In
Today, the world outside is covered in ice.
The sort of ice that prevents us from going to work. (So disappointed.)
The sort of ice that forces the dogs to be ice skaters. (They are fast learners.)
The sort of ice that means more time at home with baby. (She loves that fort I built.)
PS. My first sewing project - round paper garlands! I just punched out a bunch of circles using a round punch and fed them through the sewing machine one at a time. Seriously easy!
round paper garland
PPS. I am still on the fence about buying a sewing far I am just playing on hubby's mom's.


  1. Yucky ice, but then again, yay for a day off! Love that type of garland so much! But I have no sewing machine. If you buy a new one, please share!

  2. Where is Spring? I don't mind mowing grass again, so long as I don't have to deal with this icy crap.

  3. Oh I love that first black and white photo and the paper garland looks like a fun and pretty project. I can imagine all the other goodies you'd create if you actually had a machine of your own, but hey, why buy when you can borrow someone else's ;)


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