everyone, meet my beloved piano.

what's this new toy?
my parents bought it for me second-hand about 20 years ago.
and for just as long, she (yes, it’s a she) sat in the basement of my parents’ house.
but, over the weekend, she was relocated to our dining room.
so excited to have her here.
am looking forward in filling up the house with music, um, sound…
and have anna bang on the keys daily.

it’s going to be wonderful.


  1. Do you play? I'm sure Anna loves it! I would love to learn the piano, but may have to just cross my fingers that Ephram wants to take lessons :)

  2. @ doyna: I wouldn't say I "play" exactly, although I did take lessons in my early teenage years. Lets just say that the only song I can play without stumbling is Heart and Soul - you know the theme song from the movie Big. YouTube is a wonderful teacher and hopefully I can re-grow my skills. Right now, I am just happy Anna has a new toy. haha.

  3. Time to soundproof the basement ceiling!

  4. it's nice to have a piano in the house. I have one too, still at my parents, which we hope to have tuned and moved to our house when the girls are old enough to play!

  5. awwww i used to bang on the keys when i was a kid... even during "practice" time haha!!

  6. :) Someday Anna might be the next piano playing genius... I bet she's a child prodigy like Mozart - and someday they will call a certain form of music "Anna Sound".

  7. It would be nice to introduce Anna to music at a young age! Looking forward to videos of mummy and baby playing the piano! :)


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