drawstring bag

Do you guys remember this shirt?
And when I made magnets out of it?
Can you believe that I kept what was left of the shirt and knew that it would come in handy someday for another project?

Well, here it is....a drawstring bag for Anna's blocks!

As much as I would like to take credit for it, hubby's mom was actually the one who made it. I gave her the shirt and said, "a drawstring bag, please." And voila!

Hmmm....now I kind of want a sewing machine.
By the way, I still have scraps of the shirt in my closet.


  1. I told you to get that cheapo model at Wal-Mart. Then we can be sewing up everything in the house!

  2. LOL! That shirt will last forever!

  3. the bag looks great!! and if you want to get a sewing machine, but don't want to commit to a big price tag, get the Janome Sew Mini! I have it and it works great, and is small, and $40-$60! Look on Hancock's website.

  4. Man, that shirt will never die! It's funny, I instantly remembered it and love the second project you've managed to create with it. I wonder how else it'll live on.

  5. @ casey: thanks! you know you were my inspiration! i will check out your suggestion.


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