Anna @ 10.5 months

Anna is 10.5 month old.

Eating...She is still being offered four bottles (220cc) a day, but rarely finishes them. I am thinking about cutting out the late-afternoon bottle, but until I get my act together in feeding her a proper solid meal during dinner time, her dinner includes whatever she will drink and bits and pieces of whatever we are eating.

She eats two meals of solids a day, but hopefully transitioning to three very soon. She now has tasted: string cheese, spaghetti and meatballs, imitation crab meat, peanut butter, pancakes, kiwi, and cherries. I am sure I am forgetting a bunch of others, though. All in all, Anna will try anything once.

Sleeping...Still sleeping through the night. Hooray! Still taking two naps a day.

As I write this post, Anna is battling her first cold. Her nose drips like a leaking faucet. And she has a bad cough. It has been a pretty miserable two days, seeing her suffering and not eating well. We cuddle and snuggle more than usual during her waking hours and here is hoping for a speedy recovery.

On the development front…Anna loves to walk around and around the house using her walker. She can stand independently and I can see her wanting to take steps.

She does lots of clapping and occasionally waving. She likes to play peek-a-boo behind the curtain and gets a kick out of it.

She plays with her bead maze toy and can move the beads along the path. Sometimes.
drippy nose
Photo: From yesterday - we were on the kitchen floor, waiting for hubby to finish making pancakes. My poor sick baby was still able to muster a tiny smile for the camera.


  1. Aw, Ephram's got a cold too... it's so hard watching them suffer. Hope she gets better soon! I can't believe how similar they are development-wise! Really wish you guys lived closer to us so we could have playdates!

  2. @ donya: If you have any tips on taking care of a sick baby, let me know please! Hope Ephram gets better soon, too. And yes, Ann and Ephram would get along fabulous.

  3. Awww... That's a beautiful picture!!! You are both so lovely!


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