1st Christmas

And finally, two week later, after our Christmas tree has been exiled to the basement and our closets have been reorganized, it's time for a Christmas recap - Anna's first Christmas 2010.

Our little family spent Christmas Eve with family, but Christmas Day by ourselves. Completely fine by me. We had no schedules to keep - perfect when there is a little one around. We woke up late (or as late as the baby allowed us) and opened an abundant of presents.

Anna was buried alive in presents, thanks to generous family members. Some fancy Germany-made hand-painted blocks, a cute doggy that sings songs and knows her name, a cuddly bunny suit (that I am already scheming to dress her up in for Lunar New Year – it’s the Year of the Rabbit), some fancy jewels, and a complete new wardrobe.

She received more presents than hubby, me, and her brothers combined.

Christmas 2010

Christmas doesn’t really mean a whole lot to me. We are not religious. It doesn’t equal presents. We don’t have a huge family bash where everyone spends the day together and then dolls up for dinner. But now with Anna in the mix, I am just more determined to make it special and document the memories. This year was low-key - we only went to see the National Christmas Tree. Next year, when she’s older, I hope to participate in more Christmas-y events. And maybe even play hostess to our family on Christmas Day?

Anyway, the rest of the day was like any other, Anna took two naps and, in between, we sneaked in playtime and book time. As far as I can recall, Anna didn't have one single meltdown the entire day, which meant that…

We had a magical 1st Christmas with Anna. Hope your Christmas was magical too.


  1. Your Christmas Day at home sounds lovely. I wish we would have skipped the hectic get togethers to do that. Maybe next year.

    Oh, and Ephram got a green doggy just like Anna's purple one! We love it.

  2. @ Donya: I am a big fan of Leapfrog toys. We just got the Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set and I love that as well. Haha, I hope Anna will learn to like it...and share it with me.

  3. Next Xmas will be better, less presents of course, but we'll get to spend some cozy time together that she'll hopefully remember somewhat.

  4. I had the exact same thoughts for Christmas! That is, to make each one special for my baby Anya. Since Christmas is about love, I'm going to have a small party every Christmas with family/friends, so that Anya will be surrounded by people who love her. Any presents will be an added bonus. =)

  5. @ Geraldine: My sentiments exactly!


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