10 months


the one who ensures that I am never alone in the bathroom.
the one who tells me to slow down while cooking.
the one who unloads the bookcase 3x a day.
the one who wrinkles clean clothes.
the one who loves to toss Mickey and his pals on the floor.
the one who took her first two steps on 1/10/2011, but nothing since.
the one who growls.
the one who is growing her top two teeth.
the one who mutters “ma ma” constantly.
the one who laughs hysterically when being pushed around on her Kai-Lan book.
the one who goes nuts over cheese.

I thinks the world of you. Just thought you should know.

Happy 10 months, Tiny!
xo, Mama
Watch out for Baby Terrorist
Pesto is still faster
fiercely crawling


  1. Can't believe I went a whole week with no baby time. Just glad to be home again, I'll be sure to squeeze her tight first thing in the morning.

  2. :)

    I see the doggy platform box is working out very well!

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