we received our first snowfall of the season.

It's Snowing!
Snow Girls
(roughly an inch)
Took me an hour to get home from work.
(normal commute is 25 minutes)
The traffic was slow-moving. The roads were not plowed.
(but, i was not a bit agitated)
(in fact, relieved that i wasn’t the first in the long line of cars)
Arrived to our cozy and warm home, safe and sound.
(was greeted by a hubby on his way out to shovel the driveway, two yappy dogs, and a naked-bum baby {she just had a major poop})
Bundled up the baby and hurried outside to show her the wonderment of snow.
(took those pictures above)
(really smittened with the first one with all my kids)

(p.s there is a wreath on our front door! but it just sort of blends in...need to brighten it up somehow)


  1. Lil' Anna looks so cute all bundled up! :)

  2. Love her matching hat and mittens!

  3. :) You have to be careful not to loose Pesto in the white stuff!! All you will be able to see are those coal black eyes!

  4. Aww those pictures are just magic. I hope Anna enjoyed her first snow cause there's going to be plenty more where that came from. We're still waiting for the first major one up here, but I can totally wait.

  5. lovely photos! you all look so wonderful playing in the snow! enjoy!

  6. Hmm...I think we need to start looking into some shoes for our little banana.


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