Tiny Tong Legs

Haven't taken many pictures of Anna lately so decided to play catch up tonight. Perfect timing because her new leg warmers (from BabyLegs) had just arrived!

Well, would you believe it that hubby was the mastermind behind this purchase? And he bought not one, not two, but six pairs! Anna is going to have the best dressed (and warmest) legs all winter long. :)

Now, I have always known about these leg warmers, but this cheapskate Mama just couldn't justify the cost. But hubs got them for a steal, thanks to Cyber Monday and late-night browsing.

LOVE these leg warmers. Anna does too.


  1. I'm jealous, I wish I had my own set of leg warmers. Especially since its been crazy cold and windy lately. Oh well, guess the trusty ole long jons will have to do again this winter...

  2. Too cute! Nice Cyber Monday find!

  3. :) Its been so cold lately - I'm suce that way to cute Anna really appreciates her daddy getting her some leg warmers!!

  4. I could use some leg warmers myself right about now. Sweet find :p


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