presents under the tree

I'm not shedding a single bead of sweat over Christmas gifts for Anna this year. I'm fully aware that she'll have more fun with all of the cardboard boxes and crinkly wrapping paper involved. However, I am still planning to put a few practical gifts under the tree for the little Miss:

01. This coat from ON will keep her toasty through the winter months.
02. New bodysuits from ON and Baby Gap to keep her wardrobe up-to-date.
03. We are starting early - hopefully she will be proficient with using straw cups just in time for her transition to cow milk.
04. Hubby is fond of this sweet little book.
anna's xmas presents


  1. Practical is totally the way to go for the first year I think!
    PS. Are you still pumping?

  2. @ donya: yup, still trucking along. although I am down to pumping twice a day and definitely see the decrease in supply. I need to supplement with my freezer stash now. Won't make it to a full year of just breast milk alone...

  3. oooh, I can't wait for Anna to read that book to me before bed! It's my favorite!

  4. Hey... I like that wrapping paper... I'd crinkle it and play with it too!

  5. So what is daddy and mummy getting? :)

  6. @ knickknacks: Hmm...good question. Everything is about the baby now, but I do have two presents (no clue what they are) under the tree and one for hubby. Will share what they are after tomorrow, I guess! Happy Holidays!


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