Mama Wins

Anna is at that stage where she would drop whatever she’s doing and crawl to us if she sees us with food.

It’s the cutest thing. She could be on the other side of the room when she catches us with ice cream and – bam! – snuggles up against us before we even get a chance to take the first lick.

Just last night, hubs walked past Anna, who was holding onto the coffee table, and settled himself down on the couch, ready to eat his grapefruit. Haha, Anna immediately let go of both hands, landed on her padded butt, twisted herself around, crawled toward hubs, pulled herself to stand, and reached for the grapefruit. Her motions were seamless. She will do anything for her food.

Anyway, it was about time for the dogs’ bathroom break so I took them out back, through the glass sliding door in the family room.

When I came back, I saw my little baby, standing up against the other side of the glass door, waiting for me.

Our eyes met! Her gaze! Her expression! Omg, it was the best.

Hubs told me that after I closed the door behind me, she forgot all about the grapefruit and crawled across the room to look for me. My baby picked ME over FOOD!

Note to self: always have the camera handy, even if it is just taking the dogs out for a pee break.

Seeing me back inside, safe and sound, she went back her father, pestering him for food.


  1. Oh, these moments are so cute! I'm loving this age with Ephram and it's so fun to hear you guys enjoying it just the same!
    And yes, camera always handy! I need to remember this as well.

  2. Awwww... well... Anna knows who loves her.


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