Just some record keeping.

I normally don’t write a post on Anna’s day to day activities until the end of each month, but I don’t want to forget anything that has been happening… This post may bore some of you to tears. Maybe read it when you are having an insomnia?

At 8.5 months, I bragged about how well Anna was eating and sleeping. I can’t believe it, but a week after that (basically started mid last week), she changed completely.

She used to drink 750-800cc a day, plus eating 2 meals of solids (breakfast: yogurt/oatmeal/fruit mix and lunch: veggie/meat/rice puree). Recently, if we are lucky, she only drinks ~600cc a day and sometimes flat out refusing purees.

When we bring the bottle near her, she gags before we even put the nipple in her mouth. Sometimes we successfully get her to start drinking, but then she coughs in the middle of it and throws everything up. Ugh, frustrating!

Maybe she just doesn’t like milk anymore. Maybe the milk flow is too slow for her. We've tried spoon-feeding her and letting her use a straw (which she has learned!). No luck. The only way we can get her to drink any milk is still through bottles…just not much. So I’ve ordered new faster flow nipples and they should arrive this week.

As for solids, hubby and I think that she’s just not into purees anymore. She will happily open her mouth for whatever it is we are eating, but with her baby food, she just turns away. Hubs steamed a soufflé yesterday. This is something we would eat, but soft enough for Anna too. It had tofu, eggs, green beans, carrots, and mushrooms. A bit everything. Anna opened her mouth for every bite, but near the end of the meal, she choked on a mushroom piece and threw up half of the meal. Ugh, frustrating!

For dinner, I gave her some toast and roasted chicken. No throw up. Whew. But I know all that toast and chicken didn’t amount to nearly as much food she used to eat from a spoon.

Needless to say, it has been quite stressful the last few days.

I know that Anna is growing up. She has food preference now. She is picky about what she eats. I just have to be creative in figuring out healthy foods that can be chopped up instead of blended.

As for sleep: she has a later bedtime now. It still varies, but it’s almost always 7:30 to 8pm. Sometimes she throws up while drinking her bedtime bottle and we have to give her an emergency bath and that delays her bedtime even more. Ugh, frustrating!

Sigh, life with a baby is not rainbows and unicorns all the time. Changes are bound to occur. Right now we are learning to adjust.


  1. Not the most exciting process of growing up but little Anna will be chomping down those food in no time! Hang in there! :)

  2. That's not fun. Hopefully the phase passes soon!

    (Ephram got sick last night ans was vomiting a bunch, but I think it's gone now. Or at least I sure hope it is.)

  3. Wow - i'm not sure which would be worse... messy diapers, vomit or a wee one up at all hours of the night...

    ...I'm sure she'll out grow this stage - its a matter of patience and hanging in there!

  4. Have you talked to a doctor about this? Drinking less milk as she eats more solids seems to be par for the course at this age - she is supposed to go down to 16-24 oz milk a day; 600 CC is right in the middle of that range. I was really worried about milk intake too with Sasha, but then I read about this. However, the gagging and throwing up at every meal in not cool... maybe reflux? I would talk to her Dr.

  5. @ Irena: I remember you telling me about Sasha's strong preference for solids to milk so I just thought that Anna must be going through that. So we tried feeding her more solids, but she didn't seem interested in her baby puree. And she can't handle a lot of chunky food yet either. Boy was I stressed!

    But the day I wrote this post, she started eating normally (at least 750cc and purees) again and no throw-ups ever since. Fingers crossed it continues.

  6. Must be teething issues again! Aww poor little cutie....Glad she is eating better!

  7. @ Irena: Who knows. She still only has two teeth! Wish more would come out soon so she can start chomping.


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