Anna’s “First Christmas” Ornament

There were two things I wanted to get done before 12/25 – one, mail out holidays cards, and two, find/make Anna’s “First Christmas” ornament.

I didn’t get around to neither of them.

Eh, I made peace with the first one easily. The second one, however, was the start of a tradition that I AM FOR SURE GOING TO KEEP and I couldn’t let it go as easily.

It’s a popular idea and I heard it from a coworker. The plan is to buy or make an ornament each year for Anna that represents what she was doing. Then when she is grown and has a place of her own, we will give her all the ornaments collected through the years. Hopefully there will be at least 20+ ornaments that she can decorate her tree with.

This year was simple - hello! - her first year on Earth. I ended up finding it two days after Christmas at Lord & Taylor. All ornaments were on clearance and when I saw this baby pink one, I snatched it up immediately. It’s a sparkly, glass ornament and I am really happy with it.

We haven’t taken our tree down yet, so even though it was late, it still made it to the tree.
Anna's "First Christmas" Ornament
When we pack it away, I am going to write a note (with the date) to Anna and keep it with the ornament. I think it will be fun for her to read the note when she's older....year after year.


  1. What a cool idea! It would be so fun for her when she finally has her own Christmas tree one day! :)

  2. Neat tradition to start with/for her! Here's another idea....On her first birthday, take a picture of her in one of your bathing suits....take this same picture each birthday and watch her grow into it! I did this for my girls and made a picture book, which I gave to them at graduation!

  3. What a good idea! I may need to go ornament shopping now, even though both my mom and step mom did get E an ornament for Christmas.
    Such a cute one for Anna's first!

  4. Aawww.. what a great idea!

    Maybe next year with the cards? :)


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