9 months

Dear Anna,

You are 9 months old which means you've officially been out longer than in. The last 9 months have absolutely flashed by, but at the same time, it feels like you have been around forever. In a good way, of course!

These days, you:
* weigh 18 lbs 3.5 oz and measure 27 inches. You are growing, but staying petite.
* get into everything. Everywhere. All the time. You are an energizer bunny.
* pet (ok, more like grab) the dogs.
* take little steps with the help of your walker, but waltz around the furniture like it's your full-time job.
* love to shuffle the books on the shelves, but pay no attention when I try to read them to you.
* give out high 5's and occasional slobbering kisses.
* squeal with delight the most with Papa.
* have a weakness for the tickle monster. All I have to do is raise my fingers and you giggle in anticipation.
* cry and fuss for attention. You will not be ignored during meal time. I confess that sometimes we just let you scream while we finish our dinner.
* need your own personal space when sleeping. Mama loves to co-sleep with you, but you often wake up fussing because you get stuck.
* melt my heart with all those crinkly-eyed smile.
* have a way of making me want to squeeze you forever! Like when you grab my pants, pull yourself up, stick you head in between my legs, and stare up with those dark brown eyes. Adorable!
* baby babble.
* reach for your sippy cup (for water) and drink without dripping.
* not really attached to any toys except your swaddling blankets.
* .........

Anna, the list goes on and there is so much to say about you. You are learning more and more every day. Growing up so quick, making me laugh and making me proud.

xo, Mama

Nine-months checkup
Nine-months checkup
2nd Photo: Not a happy camper after yet another shot.


  1. You would think with all the advances in technology, we would've figured out a less invasive way of administering vaccines to babies than the old gigantic needle. Poor Anna, good thing she'll forget all these painful moments eventually.

  2. It must be really painful to watch her get poked by the medical staff...but yeah, she will forget abt it eventually. We all have. :) And she is looking stylish in those leg warmers! :)

  3. Awww... I hate seeing her crying...and you must really be tortured when she does.


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