Yellow No More

So...a couple of weeks ago, we hired the same people who painted the entire house yellow 10 years ago and had them re-paint to more refreshing colors. Something that doesn’t scream: old people live here!

But first, I will step back and say outsourcing the painting job to professionals was a smart decision. Yes, we could’ve easily (or maybe not so easily?) done the messy job ourselves, but with $1800, we only had to live in chaos for two days instead of months. Not to mention the CLEAN work that these guys did. It was money well spent.

It took them two days to apply two coats of paint to the entire first level (including pantry closet, hall closet, mudroom), the stairs, upstairs hallway, and the master bedroom. It's amazing what cans of paint can do to a house. It seems like our house has completely transformed and we are absolutely loving it.

Around the same time, the furniture set for living room was delivered. And immediately, we started putting holes in the wall and hung up some pictures.

Here is our house as it stands today:

The living room. Eventually, when we start using the room more, it will appear less like a showroom and more lived-in. I adore the muted blue-grayish color. The entire main level is in this color except the kitchen, breakfast area, and family room.

The bookshelves are from IKEA for $25 each. Best deal ever.

Living Room
Living Room
The color of breakfast area and family room is hard to describe. It's a bit of pink and purple and gray. It was close to Anna's bedtime when we stood in front of all the paint chips at Home Depot. I almost lost my mind for a moment and wanted bright orange (eeek!), but re-gained conscience and thought it would look too funky and loud. Hubby picked this color at the last minute, just when Anna declared that it was time to go.

I am not entirely sold on my desk area. I still need to find a way to get organized. Since the desk is right next to the mudroom, we use it as a place to keep our keys, rings, cell phones...things that we need to grab as we head out. Right now, they sort of just lay on the desk...which drives me crazy.
We made a couple of updates to the family room since the last time I posted. Plants, pictures, and a new coffee table (no corners so safer for the baby in picture).

Oh yes, please note that we have the mini pumpkins still up on display and a bowl of ornaments on the coffee table. We celebrate all holidays concurrently around here.
Family Room
The kitchen is bright green, which I will share next time!


  1. Every room looks so great! How nice to get all that painting done at once too.

  2. Wowsers... that little bit of paint is amazing!

    Now to figure out how to make your desk... yours.

  3. The sad part is, while it feels like we are all done and semi settled in, there are still tons of stuff to do. Window treatments, family room door curtain, dining room set, trees to cut down, and thanks to the super bright yellow leaves raining down on us, a trip up on the roof to do some gutter cleaning. Oh, and a grill + screen for the fireplace to make it usable. Man the old apartment life was so much simpler...

  4. Wow you guys really have a knack for putting a room together quite nicely! And even though it looks showroomy to you, I really like that first room especially the dark wood combined with that light wall color. It looks like a great place to curl up on the couch.

  5. Very nice! I'm loving your new wall colors! :)
    @Morning Dawn - Hang in there, man! It would be totally worth it! :)

  6. Oops! Signed in with an obsolete account! Clueless housewife = knickknacks (if that makes sense!) ;)


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