the return of the gogo box

Back in our rental days, Pargo had this box by the window that he laid on for hours a day. I think it’s safe to say that it was his favorite place to be – where he napped, sunbathed, and people-watched. Eventually when Pesto joined the family, he also learned that the box was a great place to be.

{Haha, a blast from the past. Look at how young Pargo looked, still full of black hair. Dogs grow up too fast, too.}
Since moving to our new place, P&P have just been hanging out in the family room (which is in the back of the house) all day long, with nothing to see but the baby terrorist and the screened-in porch.

They were bored.

So over the holiday weekend, I was about to toss away some old diaper boxes when hubby decided to repurpose them and create a new and better window box for the dogs.

He taped two boxes together, added layers of old company t-shirts for padding, and taped everything down. Then using an old bed sheet, he covered the box and pinned the corners neatly.
old diaper boxes
We put the box by the window in the foyer. Of course, the view outside isn’t as action-packed anymore as we live in a quiet neighborhood, but I think they are still happy to have it back.

The box is so nice that Anna wants to get on it, too. new gogo box


  1. Now if only the bed box could stay like this. But sure enough, Toto hair will get all over it and someone will throw-up on it after nibbling on some house plants. Oh, and the window will get covered with nose and paw smudges...Yup, sounds like home!

  2. Nice job repurposing those boxes!

  3. So crafty!! Those doggies are spoiled but really happy ones!


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