mess maker
It's pretty amazing. One minute she was a placid little baby, and now she's a hurricane, crawling around with noise and energy, creating havoc and mess wherever she goes, getting into EVERYTHING.

Keeping all her baby stuff organized is a losing battle and I’ve learnt to just sigh and put up with the mess.

Because if not, I will probably drive myself crazy with all the never-ending cleaning up!
hi mama
Photos: Taken just earlier today, right before she messed up my neatly arranged shelves.


  1. Until we can break that remote control fetish of hers, she is no longer allowed downstairs in my man cave. There's gotta be some old calculator somewhere we can give her to act as some sort of nicotine patch or something.

  2. Oh..things are gonna get really busy for papa and mama now! ;)

  3. Hahaha, love your hub's comment. Oy vey, knowing how neat and organized you always seem to be, this must really test your patience. But she's so darn cute, I bet you just look at that little havoc-wreaking angel and smile.

  4. :) I know I look at that "little havoc-wreaking angel and smile"!


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