Meeting C

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to meet a fellow blogger. C and I have been reading each other’s blog for quite a while now. She followed me through my pregnancy, and now my (mis)adventures in motherhood. I followed C’s move from Singapore to USA, and now her life in Cleveland.

When she was going to come to my neck of the woods, we knew we had to meet up!

C was everything like I thought she would be. Chirpy, friendly, and SO excited to get her hands on Anna. My babe is usually shy with strangers, but she did so well with C. Happy and giggly. I wish C and her hubby lived nearby so they could be our babysitters. :)

C brought gifts! Among them was an outfit for Anna. The purple hat that Anna is sporting in the picture is part of the outfit.

Well, I don’t know who else would be willing to just come over to my house and help me entertain Anna for several hours, but that’s exactly what this blog friend did. On top of that, she gave the dogs lots of attention too.

I know I have added another friend to my life. And hope it won’t be long before we see each other again.
Anna & C
Photo: Normally, I would not post such blurry picture, but this is just to show how uncontrollably happy Anna was in C’s arms.


  1. :)

    That is so cool - your friend came from half way around the world to see you (in a way).

  2. Hey, Knickknacks -- I seriously doubt that Sugarlens (or the baby for that matter) had fun with "C" who can be quite petite and waaaay to chirpy (like a hungry newborn bird). They were just being polite, and were, in fact, waiting for "C" to leave. "Oh, when will this chirpy person just roost in some other place," droned Sugarlens. By the way, does Sugarlens really have nice legs? I'm guessing she does some major Photoshop editing on her legs, right? Let me know. Yours truly, M

  3. Grrr....Michael!!!
    Btw Joyce, that is NOT my hubby in case you are wondering!

  4. @ Anonymous: Um...who are you and please go spam someone else.

    @ knickknacks: Not to worry, I remember you telling me about this "M" person.


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