happy birthday to pargo.

I am 5
this boy turns 5 years old today.
he is officially the oldest member of our family.
for his birthday breakfast, he inhaled a chicken jerky.
birthday dinner menu will include sliced chicken breast sautéed in basil-infused oil.
no cake this year, but a spoonful of peanut butter should do the trick.
extra tummy rub will follow. extra petting and loving, too.
and a new fleece blanket will show up…as soon as I find time to place the order.
(sorry buddy for the delay.)
gogo, time has changed. we can't give you our undivided attention any longer, but you are still the sweetest little doggie.
thank you for all the love.


  1. The Beast is still with us, for better and for worse...

  2. Pargo!!!!!!!!!! You are the best!!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Pargo!! I'm still older than you!


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