Holiday Cards, Personalized!

The holiday card season is upon us and, this year, I am thinking ahead.

With a baby and a full-time job, I am always short on time. So making cards from scratch is out. Even finding time to go to Hallmark is questionable. The easiest solution? Buy online!

I found some really cute ones that are ready-to-order-and-personalized-with-own-photos on Shutterfly*. Not only the quality will be great, but they will be shipped to my door. Nowadays, I find convenience the biggest luxury.

Below are some of my favorite designs, but it's likely that I will find something I love even more when it's time to order. There are so many options.

Top: Squee! Really like the festive words and the pop of colors.
Middle: Nothing beats classic black & white.
Bottom: Probably my most favorite. Love the simplicity and the fonts.

Now just need to get a picture of Anna, all decked out in her holiday gear and flashing one of her blinding smiles.

Can't wait to show you the final product!

*Psst! - I’m receiving 50 free cards from Shutterfly for this post, and if you’re a blogger, you can too! Follow this link and check it out!


  1. Those look nice - but hey, a picture of Anna would make even a piece of discarded cardboard look wonderful...

  2. Hmmm...odd seeing all these strangers in that post.


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