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April's Visit
I have been MIA but not without a reason. My cousin (+ her hubby) were in town from Taiwan and we had been playing. Um...mostly at the mall. I do believe my cousin did her part (and probably the part of 100 others) in stimulating the economy and even I caught her shopping bug and splurged quite a bit on some pretty bowls in Anthropologie.

Fun is over and it’s back to work today, but thankfully, another long weekend is upon us!
pretty bowls at Anthro


  1. Sounds like my sister when she was here! Haha!
    The bowls are very pretty! Which ones did you buy? Anna looks happy to have company but why does Pesto look so bored? :)

  2. @ knickknacks: I don't think the ones I bought are in the picture, but they are the same size as the green and red ones above. We also got 2 in a bigger size. They look so pretty in my kitchen. haha. :)


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