de-cluttering the sink area

I've always considered myself more tidy than clean. Clutter's a no-no, but the tub can go un-scrubbed and carpet can go un-vacuumed more than I like to admit. Luckily, hubby is the exact opposite so I consider our place in a very good shape, meaning that people can come by without us scrambling to make the house look presentable.

Anyway, to help with de-cluttering and making the sink area a prettier place to wash dishes, I bought this sponge holder that suctions to the inside of the sink. Now the sponge is out of sight unless we are standing over the sink looking in.

sponge holder
Haha, we have been buying a TON of stuff lately, but I am most excited about this $10 purchase. So excited that I am writing a whole blog post just on it.

Now I am looking for a caddy with cute soap and lotion dispensers to complete the look (and to replace that yucky CVS one).
sink area


  1. OMG now I want that sponge holder.

  2. Looks pretty durn clean to me!! Of course I'm a little larger than those microbial germs and have a hard time seeing them.

  3. I used to have one of these sponge holder too but way cheaper and made of plastic. But it served its purpose!

  4. What the hell, we've repainted the whole house, hung up pictures, filled up the living room and added 6 new baby fishies to the family and yet this sponge holder makes it onto your blog?

  5. @ knickknacks: I know, I found one for half the price, but hubby insisted on this chrome one. It does look pretty nice...even if it is just used to hold a dirty sponge.

  6. Wow, I'm jealous of your super cleaning/organizing skills! Can you do my house? We're getting ready to sell our townhouse and move to your town when it sells:)


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