Anna @ 8.5 months

Anna is 8.5 months old.
push faster papa!
Almost on the same day that I wrote in her 7.5 months old post that she has been waking up at night, she decided to sleep through the night again. Yay!

On weekdays, under Grandma’s watch, she takes two naps a day. Wakes up around 6:30am – 7am and goes to bed around 6:30pm – 7pm. Very structured and I like the routine we have established.

On the weekends, however, she can be up for 4+ hours before she needs a nap. (Maybe she knows we are easier to manipulate?) Then by the time she needs another nap, sometimes I just keep her up until bedtime, which may be as early as 6pm! I give mad props to Grandma for putting Anna down for naps so easily on the weekdays. I, on the other hand, struggle to do so.

Either way, she seems to be happy and well-rested.

I am still making baby food for Anna. It takes about 1.5 hours of my Sunday to make enough food for the week. I am trying to introduce her to new food all the time – new this month is yogurt and oatmeal. To save money, I buy a big tub of organic yogurt and mix in homemade apple sauce prior to each feeding. I also bought a box of steel-cut oats that will last a long time. They are more economical than buying baby-specific yogurt or Gerber oatmeal. I refer to this website for all things baby food.

Anna eats 3 meals a day:
Breakfast: Oatmeal + Fruit Mix and/or Yogurt + Fruit Mix
Lunch: Rice + Veggies + Meat Mix
Dinner/Snack: Bits and pieces of whatever we are having

In between the meals, she’s offered four 200cc bottles a day. Sometimes she finishes them, sometimes she doesn’t.

I feel Anna is a good eater, but she’s still a small girl.

Anna definitely understands when we say "no" if she touches something she's not supposed to. She'll touch it again, and again, and again, but will stop every time we say “no”. Most of the time she eventually leaves it alone. She also knows her name…I believe.

She now crawls like a bulldog, pulls herself to stand + tests herself by letting go + lowers herself back down, and cruises along furniture. She knows how to crawl up the one step from family room to breakfast area, but hasn’t figure out how to go down without falling on her face (happened to her once and now she’s super careful). Anna is a rock star when it comes to gross motor skills!
looking so big

She still only has two teeth (kids her age usually have more already!), not quite self-feeding (the dogs end up getting all her puffs), and isn’t waving bye or clapping.

I guess it just to show that everyone develops differently.

Whatever pace Anna sets for herself, she’s my sweet girl.


  1. Love that second picture of her pulling up on daddy! What a big, little girl :)

  2. She sounds so smart she probably is working on the "why do people wave" thing before she actually does it..


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