Anna @ 7.5 months

I am a few days late, but Anna is 7.5 months old.

Ever since her fever and sprouting teeth, her sleep has never been the same. Anna used to sleep 12 hours through the night, but recently, she wakes up anywhere from 0-3 times a night. In most cases, we can put her back to sleep just by holding her, but sometimes we give her a bottle. It just depends on the situation. Sometimes if we hear her just mumbling to herself, we let her fall back to sleep on her own.

Her sleep habit isn’t horrible, but how I wish we can have uninterrupted sleep again!

On the other hand, she still takes two solid naps a day.

Anna has been eating well lately. Grandma feeds her solids twice during daytime (sweet potato + fruit mix for breakfast and mushy rice + meat + veggies mix for lunch) and we give her a little bit of whatever we are eating for dinner. The other day she had tomato sauce (from our pizza, haha). She drinks 4-5 bottles (160-200cc per bottle) a day, depending on if we feed her in the middle of the night.

I am going to start offering her Gerber puffs so she can practice self-feeding. Also on my shopping list is ground oats and plain yogurt.
She is so cute when it comes to wanting to eat whatever we are eating. Case to point, she doesn’t like plum juice, but when she saw us drinking it, she will happily open her mouth.

Anna is a bubbly and healthy. She’s interactive – when we smile at her, she smiles back. She laughs when she sees Pesto running wild. She can entertain herself for quite a while as long as we are nearby. She has been babbling "mamamamama", but I don't think she's referring to me.

She's just a joy to be around.
fall colors
Photos: We went to a nearby park, hoping to view some fall foliage. Alas, we were maybe a week too late. Nearly all the leaves have fallen.


  1. Oh well, there's enough crap ass leaves all over our front lawn for her to have a gander. Now if only she could wield a rake...

  2. Love the look on her face in the first pic! And I love her beanie too! :)

  3. Time for Annie to start to jump into the leaves!

    ..well almost time... maybe next year?


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