8 months

Anna Banana,

At 8 months, you love tearing magazines into iddy-biddy pieces, playing extreme peekaboo, and flirting with yourself in front of the mirror. You become a little terror and throw a fit if we don’t share our dinner with you. But then you switch back to a perfect angel and are the best snuggle buddy.

Over the space of a month, your development has exploded and progressed at lightning speed. You went from commando crawling, to a little hand-foot shuffle, to skillfully crawling on all fours. You crawl like a slow creeping lizard, pausing and examine your surroundings.

You are really good at pulling yourself up to stand now. So good that I don’t feel the need to watch your every attempt. You are not cruising, but love practice walking with us holding you.

One night after a few licks of chocolate, you went on a sugar high and went completely wild. You were as happy as can be and your giggles rang throughout the house. That was a fun night.

You are all about “mamamamama.” And sometimes you spit out “bababa.” Can’t wait until you actually say it TO US. You are a little girl with a sweet personality. Every day is an adventure with you in our lives.

In case I haven’t said it in the last, oh, 20 seconds, you are a delight.

I am 8 months old
magazine fun


  1. LOL, Ephram totally makes that same face in the second photo!
    Happy 8 months, Anna!

  2. happy 8 months, anna! She looks like she's having so much fun, too!

  3. Time is flying by, can't believe she's been with us this long already. Hell, it's hard to believe that 31 years and couple of months ago, I was that young. Probably not as cute or as happy or as smart though...

  4. :)

    She really needs some magazine subscriptions huh?



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