welcome October

I am a bit slow…but Happy October! Can you even believe another new month has rolled around?

Things I am looking forward to this month...

--Buying a perfect round + bright orange pumpkin, along with other fall things, to decorate our front stoop. Maybe I will finally get to it this weekend.

--Dressing up Anna for her first Halloween and taking her trick or treating. Not doing anything too ambitious, just hopefully to a few houses on our street before bedtime. Hey, if we are going to give out candies, might as well get some in return, right? ;)

green is my favorite color

...and that's it. I am sure there will be other stuff popping up, but I am making no other plans. I just want to stay put & enjoy our comfy little home.

On another note, fall is officially in the air. Chilly weather and fall foliage is upon us. Can’t wait to have a little photoshoot with Anna playing in eating (picture above is a foreshadow of what's to come) the gold+red leaves. Really, the only downside that I can think of to fall is the early sunset, but even that is giving us some really cozy evenings at home. Don’t you agree?

What are you up to this month?


  1. I'm enjoying our weather too. I like the chill in the morning and pleasant days. Awww, can't wait to see Anna's costume and photoshoot.

  2. Funny to think how we have all gone through this everything is edible phase in life! :P Can't wait to see Anna in her little Halloween costume!

  3. What's Anna going to be for Halloween? or is it a surprise? :)
    Happy October!
    p.s. cute hate on Anna!

  4. @ donya: I am thinking of a tiger in honor of the Year of the Tiger. Is Ephram dressing up?

  5. I saw this picture in Flickr and thought, "Oh she's a little sweetheart!"

    I hope she enjoys the perfect pumpkin and the halloween festivities!


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