pearly whites + 30 weeks

my two front teeth
Perhaps Anna wasn't sick after all...perhaps she developed that bad fever because she was sprouting teeth!

Today while playing in front of the mirror, I noticed Anna's two lower teeth cut through!

My little girl is suddenly all grown up. *sniffles*

Teething is definitely no easy task. Looking back, Anna had all the classic symptoms, but I never suspected teething because I just assumed that she got sick due to the cold weather. Her symptoms included: fussiness, waking up 1-3 times during the night, pulling on ears, coughing, and eating less. She also had odd body rashes and diarrhea, which I just learned could be the cause of teething as well.

Next time, I hope I will read the signs better.

Anna also turned the big 3-0 {weeks} today, but as her shirt says, she will always be "sweet & petite" to me.

hi pesto
Photo: Pesto wanted to be in the spotlight.


  1. This is sort of funny bc I am starting to think Ephram's "cold" was also teething! No actual teeth yet for him. But turning down a bottle is just not normal for Ephram, so I know something is up.
    Go Anna!

  2. She's going to have a wonderful smile (just like her Mom's).

  3. uh oh, now we have to make sure she doesn't bite the doggies!

  4. what a cute smile :)
    Glad she is feeling better!

  5. Word to the wise: once the top teeth cut through, keep your fingers - OUCH - (and all other easily damaged objects) out of the baby's mouth!:) Lesson learned the hard way:)

  6. So much excitement. The house is gorgeous and baby ana now getting her teeth in. Lots of good things! BTW-there's gonna be a photography meet up in mclean-bunch of moms bringing their kiddos and practicing with a pro and going over posing. E-mail me if you're interested.


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