Our Home: Part II (Exterior)

So....this is our house.

It's a classic brick-front colonial. It's 25 years young. It's not monstrous in size, but not a shoe box either. It's in a small, quiet neighborhood of just 29 houses. I am glad we waited 3 years for this one to come along.

Our House
Anna wouldn't sit still
Unfortunately, there is not much of a green pasture in the backyard due to a very tall and large pine tree. We plan to have it cut down so we can grow some grass. Maybe put up a fence for the boys.

In the very distant future, we would like to turn that screened-in deck into a real living space. Like a sunroom.

Our Backyard
Regardless, I love that we live here.

2nd photo: Anna is such a busybody. She wouldn't sit still for a second!


  1. Aww, it looks amazing! What a great home :)

  2. Your house looks beautiful! Your baby looks so cute!

  3. what a perfect house for your family. congrats! I love the colonial style exterior and sunroom is such a great idea!

  4. That is one good looking house! I like! :)

  5. haha... I really thought the dog was inside the fireplace in the second to the last pic for just a few seconds. Seriously! Pumpkin next to the fireplace, mat in front of the fireplace...

  6. Good gracious, that house looks incredible! Not to mention ginormous by my NYC-standards. I'm so happy you found your home and I bet you've been having fun doing it up and adding your touch to it :)

  7. You place looks like a home already! I love the shot of Pesto watching the little one through the door!


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