the only silver lining

to a sick baby is that she will lay still in our arms for hours...something that she hasn't done since she was a wee little baby.

Yes, we are busy nursing our (overheated) munchkin back to health here. Just entered day 2 and can only hope that the end of the tunnel is near. Fingers and toes crossed.


  1. :( Hope you feel better soonest, Anna.

  2. Poor thing! Hope she gets well soon!

  3. Looks like the meds and sauna treatment helped. Her temps have returned to normal and she's a bit more active now, but we still want to keep her all wrapped up tight and warm. Just like the old swaddle days...

  4. resident know-it-allOctober 7, 2010 at 2:37 PM

    Aww, so glad to hear that she is feeling better... 97.8 is too low by the way, I hope you meant to say 98.6:) Or, if it's too low then I guess she is still recovering....poor baby

  5. Awww... poor girl.
    But, that is one adorable picture.

  6. glad she's getting better now.
    she's so cute even when she was sick !!!
    give her a big hug for me !!!

  7. Thanks everyone. Anna seems to be feeling better, but her fever went up to >100 just before bed. Lets see what tomorrow brings....

  8. Poor thing. I hope she's back to her smiley self soon! But I do have to say, that picture is beautiful. You're so talented!


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