more books

We added some new books to Anna's library, thanks to hubs' recent trip to T.J.Maxx. Love that place for discounted books.

Here are just some pics of Anna and her basket full of goodies.

PS. Haha, But Not the Hippopotamus is becoming my favorite. That book cracks me up, not to mention just plain cute to read.

PPS. I don't like buying too much baby stuff. In fact, the less I buy (and know that we can do without) the better I feel. But I am weak when it comes to books...if not for reading, they are so pretty to display. :)


  1. I love But Not the Hippopotamus. I probably laughed a bit too much the first time I read the end of that one. :)

  2. I think she likes the basket best of all - LOL!

  3. I agree, the basket is getting the most love!

  4. Just wait till she gets a library card, we're gonna get fined for a bunch of soggy returns.

  5. She's adorable!

    I love "But Not the Hippotamus" too. Found it on clearance at TJ Maxx and got it for my niece, but really wanted to keep it for myself.


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