i’m witnessing a slow change of colors from green to brilliant gold + red. the long, narrow road that i take daily is surrounded by mature trees and i find myself eying them, instead of the road. yikes.

i’m amazed at how swiftly the weeks go by. it’s already wednesday and the weekend will be here before i know it. not that i am complaining. but it’s a shame that the weekend go by even quicker.

i’m loving google reader. it keeps me updated in the blogosphere, all in one fell swoop.

i have 'summer of '69' on repeat. random, i know.

i've been feeling both exhausted and anxious about (the lack of) keeping up around here, which is silly, because i know it's not vital to daily living. but blogging is so good for my soul, and i could never entirely set it aside. which is why

i’m so looking forward to my day off at the end of the month. it’s just one little day, but I am going to use it to its fullest. which means doing nothing at all. except maybe finally sort + post some pictures from our cruise.


  1. It's wonderful to have perk (even if it's just one day) to look forward to! enjoy!

  2. I see no trees, when I do, they're being cut down to make way for the Tysons of Tomorrow. And then the rest of the time I'm surrounded by cars in the parking lot known as The Beltway. But I recall those nice days on Lawyers/Hunter Mill. A nice commute like that definitely helps calm the soul when grinding through another day.

  3. I know of that parking lot... the Beltway... the endless line of tailights... Your area may have the absolute worse traffic in the whole country... moving anywhere would make the traffic seem better. :)

    I bet you took some really nice cruise pictures (hint, hint). :)


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