Home Improvement: Lights!

Over the weekend, we installed some lights for our backyard. Okay, to be fair, when I say "we", I mean "hubs' dad", because he did all the work and we observed.

See, at night, our backyard is pitch black. Like, I-can’t-even-see-my-fingers-when-I-hold-‘em-up-to-my-face dark. I don’t know how the previous owners survived 25 years without any light source, but we need it for taking the dogs out at night.

Not sure what exactly was done to install the lights so I won't go into details, but at the end of 1.5 hours, we now have these shiny spotlights to illuminate the backyard. They are motion sensing so they turn on automatically when there is movement. It's convenient (no need to flip a light switch, although an option from inside the house) and I think it adds some protection in case of any unwelcome visitors.

And to save energy, they only turn on when it is dark so the dogs can run by it all day and there won’t be any waste.

Pretty awesome huh!


  1. Lights definitely make a difference! Yay to hub's daddy for lighting up your home!

  2. I'd say that was awesome indeed!

  3. Nice!!! Does Hub's Dad take on jobs? I've got a couple...


  4. Having lived so long surrounded by lit up parking lots, this dark little corner is definitely a change for us. So glad we have lights out back now, especially with the autumn nites coming earlier and earlier.


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