Happy Halloweening

Because Anna was born in the Year of the Tiger, it was a no-brainer to dress her up as one for her first Halloween!

She was such a good sport. Got her in the costume without any struggle and she was all smiles, practicing her roar.

We took our sweet tiger trick-or-treating. Knocked on several neighbor's doors and got some chocolates...for hubs and me to munch. We went before dark, so not many kids were out yet, but we did meet a fellow baby in stripes.

Well, after we got home, it wasn't long before her bedtime. So we just turned on the porch light and left a bowl of candies out for the kids. Overall, a very nice Halloween!

little tiger
i like pumpkins


  1. Thank you Mama for making Anna's first Halloween so special. She'll be all smiles again when she's older and we sit back and look over the photos of this little moment. I've got to hop on a jet plane soon but can't wait to be back home with my girls...and two little boys.

  2. Aww..what a cute little tiger! Why isn't mummy in matching costume? ;)

  3. @ PaPa'O'Lantern: Costume from Old Navy = $12. First Halloween Memories = Priceless!

    @ knickknacks: Maybe in the future. But really, she was only in her tiger outfit for less than 30 minutes. :)

  4. So adorable!! Her little teeth are so cute.

  5. Oh what a marvelous costume Anna is wearing!!!


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