from drab to fab (+ 31 weeks)

Just a little short post to share one of the many things we did over the weekend.

Remember this chair I stumbled upon in my old neighborhood? Someone had tossed it out, but I saw potential.
free chair
I know I said it would be my project to refinish it, but hubs came to rescue.

First, sand.
Second, spray paint. We used a very bright red color. Let it dry completely.
almost red
Third, photo time with baby!
my new chair
{Anna @ 31 weeks, making our new red chair looking even more smashing.}


  1. love it! and your little lady in it!

  2. Love the red! For some reason that color has been catching my eye a lot lately. Such a fun color and Anna looks like she's having a blast just sitting on it :)

    Hope your week is off to a great start! I miss dropping in as often as I used to, but here I am to say hello!

  3. You really made an awesome chair (and for only the price of some sandpaper, spray paint, and Hubby labor)!

    Anna is the special "topper" on the chair!

  4. A pressure washer or sand blaster would've made short work of all the grime and stains on the thing. But it was good to be out in the backyard doing something. Back in the 3rd floor apartment days, all we ever had was a tiny little deck to do work in. Life is much better now. If only painting the inside of the house itself was as easy as this chair...


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