7 months

push up
7 months today, baby.

What a crazy month it has been for you. You developed your first fever, stopped sleeping through the night (but thankfully only lasted a few days), and overall not your cheeky self. But guess what? You came through and have two little teeth to show for. Wish you would slow down for a second so I can snap a better pic of your new chompers.

This month, we are working on teaching you a bit of sign language. Just the basics. Drink, eat, and bye-bye. You don't seem to understand, but hopefully will as we use them more consistently.

Some days you babble up a storm, but some days you are as quiet as a mouse. The other day, you turned to my direction and muttered “mama”. You haven’t repeated it since, so I am not announcing it to the world just yet.

You are interested in your books - not for reading, but for eating. We let your watch a bit of baby shows, but instead, all you want to do is creep and explore. You bang your toys together, passing them from hand to hand.

Your new hobby is crawling all over Mama and pulling yourself to stand. It’s so amazing to watch and I am loving it. You know what else I am loving? Your baby giggles and your mouth-wide-open smiles. So precious.

As sappy as it sounds, watching you become a little person in front of my eyes is definitely one of the best rewards of being a mom.

papa & me
Need to fatten up!


  1. I love that belly shot! So adorable!

  2. Happy 7 months, little one! It's been fun watching you grow up before our eyes. I hope you're feeling better with your little teeth trying to pop out. Soon enough you'll be munching on all sorts of goodies.

  3. Awwwww... She is so cute! I too, am enjoying her grow up (and without being there for the sleepless nights!)


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