Road Tripping to W'Burg and Y'Town

Williamsburg/Yorktown Roadtrip

Well, it wasn’t a glamorous summer vacation, but our little family got some quality time together before the daily grind started. We went to Williamsburg and Yorktown this past weekend.

The weather cooperated – mild with cool summer breezes. We had a fun time dipping our toes in the Chesapeake Bay (Baby A didn’t like it when water got too deep), walking the streets of Colonial Williamsburg, eating icy treats, and shopping at the outlet. And we got some great pictures.

Traveling with a baby was anything but relaxing, though. Everything we did was according to Anna’s schedule. Dinner never happened on Saturday night because I didn’t want to risk going to a restaurant so close to Anna’s bedtime. Thankfully, we brought some Vietnamese sandwiches from home with us. I also wanted to take Anna to the pool, but by the time she woke up from her nap, it was time to check-out. So basically, not all plans worked out, but we just kind of roll with the punches.

At one point during the trip, we spent a while on the Colonial Parkway looking for a certain stop…while Anna was peacefully sleeping in the car seat. Hubs was frustrated and said, “What a waste of gas.” To which I quickly responded, “It’s not a waste of gas, Anna is sleeping. We can drive like this for the next hour for all I care.” Ha. I definitely see traveling differently now. Before I was all about checking things off the tourist guide, now it’s all about spending time together and a happy baby.

Anna experienced many firsts, including first time sleeping away from home. She did wonderfully! Yes, there were some crazy moments, but nothing that could’ve been avoided even if we were at home.

Ultimately, although the trip was tiring, hubs and I got what we wanted – to get away. No packing. No Internet. No distractions. Whenever Baby A slept, we just sat on the couch together and talked. We agreed that once in a while, a weekend like this is very necessary.

Williamsburg/Yorktown Roadtrip
Williamsburg/Yorktown Roadtrip
More images from the trip here.


  1. A short getaway is always nice! Love how Anna is grinning in the pic! :)

  2. Anna has a delightful smile!

    Sounds like you are "adapting" to being a Mom quite well. I enjoyed your other pictures too. The one with you and Anna sitting on a wall under a tree is so classic! And Anna is just right "cannon sitting" size!

  3. Yes, with airplanes out of the picture, a short road trip was all we could manage as new parents. And I must say, things went better than expected. Just glad we had a chance to spend time together with just the 3 of us.


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