wedding anniversary #3

Exactly 3 years ago, we kicked off this whole crazy adventure with one pretty party and two sweet promises. I don't know what happened to the last 3 years--it's like they were over in a blink.

I can honestly say that marriage-wise this past year has probably been the most challenging yet. More challenges, more hard decisions, and more work to be done, all with less time and less time together. But even when we are completely exhausted and spread so thin and frustrated with one another, at the end of the day, I am glad to have my partner-in-crime by my side – he knows exactly how to cheer me up after a bad day and the key to make me laugh so hard that my belly hurts.

To hubs - I can’t wait for the next set of adventures with our new sidekick, as I know they will be more than I ever expected.

Joyce & Luke Wedding 9Sept2007


  1. Aw..happy anniversary!! Here's to many more loving years ahead! :)

  2. Aww so cute you two. Happy anniversary!

  3. happy anniversary! what a lovely photo!

  4. Happy Anniverary!!!

    I think you two would be my role model(s) if I ever got married.

  5. Happy Anniversary, Joyce!
    Your dress looks beautiful!

  6. Happy Anniversary!!


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