Our Little Garden - Basil, Chili, Roses

If we were neighbors, I would invite you over for a cup of tea and send you home with some basil, chili peppers, and a stem of rose.

chili peppers


  1. Wow..that is a really pretty little garden they left you! I am coming for the rose & tea! ;)

  2. Wow! now THAT is basil!! I remember your basil in a styrofoam cup effort!

  3. Good gravy, woman, you grew all that? That's wonderful. I'd probably offer guests twigs and dried up leaves and tell them it was this trendy new tea that was starting to make the rounds.

  4. @ Dorkys: Can't take credit for them...just yet. They are left to us by the previous owners and we haven't done a thing except enjoying them for dinner. :)


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