a broken record

I know that’s what I have been sounding like lately, but I am just so. darn. tired. These last few days have got to be the most physically draining days of my life. Packing, moving, cleaning, unpacking – all while doing day to day baby duties – have been unbelievably difficult.

We have been, and still are, SO BUSY.

The hard part is over, though. We are living in our new house and doing a very good job unpacking and putting things away. We handed over the keys to our old place and our landlady was so impressed by how well we cleaned (4 hours of labor was worth it to get our deposit back - we need every cent now). I figured out my commute to work. Baby A has successfully spent several nights on her own in her room. Internet is up and running. The dogs are adjusting.

Here is hoping things will start to feel “normal” again.

I know I promised pictures, but I just haven’t got the time to take any. In fact, this is the only one I’ve taken since Saturday, when the whole madness started. We asked Anna to help, but all she did was sit there and look cute.

Life is hard for this baby girl!

Moving Day 2010


  1. We are never moving again, EVER, plain and simple...

    But since we all know that's not true, lemme just say that we will hire movers and cleaners in the future.

  2. Oh, but she did SUCH a good job at it. Doesn't that count for something? Hope things settle down soon!

  3. I know JUST HOW YOU FEEL....(about being tired that is).... We are going to be doing the move thing with a baby in just a few weeks - but we've given in to hiring movers and cleaners a long time ago.
    But just think - you are off on vacation in just a few short days! You lucky duck!:)

  4. all your hard work will be worth it in the end as you're loving your new home. Take care!

  5. Anna looks like an awesome supervisor!! I bet she is keeping tabs on the movers (you!).

    :) Hope you get settled soon and get rested in your new home!


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