Baby Test Kitchen

Hi, I am Anna's mom and my new hobby is making baby food.

At the moment, I make very simple baby food of pureed chicken, vegetables, and rice.

This is spinach, mushy white rice, and chicken.

Doesn’t the deep green just scream calcium!
When I make apple puree, it turns out too tart...and Anna doesn't like it. I need to remember to buy ready-made next time.
I really like turning lumps of food into velvety, soft, creamy mush.

To save time, I make baby food in big batches and freeze in ice cube trays. It really is a lot of fun.


  1. she looks like a good eater -- she must like your cooking! :)
    try apple and pork. it's a good combo! have fun cooking!

  2. you are amazing:) hope you had a wonderful bday! talk to you soon!

  3. I do the same thing! I LOVE my Beaba Babycook machine - it steams everything in 15 min, and then you can blend it in the same vessel.

  4. Anna is going to be in for a lot of culinary delights down the road - her mom's a great cook.

  5. I used to do this for my little ones. It really was alot of fun to make fresh baby food. This post takes me back to those fun baby days.

  6. aww good for you!! i always thought that when i have a baby i'd want to make her/him food too! so fun!

  7. @ Irena: I wish I wasn't so cheap to buy a Beaba...I hear they are amazing. But for now, I will stick with washing several pots.


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