Anna @ 6.5 months

Anna is 6.5 months old.

At the moment, she’s really liking solids. We offer her a small amount of solids twice a day and little snacks of whatever we are eating here and there. She will eat whatever we wave in front of her and is really good at swallowing.

With that said, she’s drinking less – usually just 640-670cc a day.

Even though Anna was born a big baby (8 lbs 2 oz), she is no longer a chunky monkey. She’s staying pretty tiny and I worry that she might be underweight, but she seems to be developing just fine and the doctor isn’t concerned. So I won’t either.

We are so fortunate to have a sleepy baby. She sleeps 12 hours straight through the night. Recently, she consolidated her naps to just twice a day. She wakes up from her last nap around 3pm, just about the time I get home from work. Then I get to spend 4 hours with her before her bedtime. (I need to write a post about being a working mom – so far, I like it.)

She’s very close to crawling. She can already move herself from point A to point B by creeping. Yesterday, though, I watched her lifting her hands off the ground to move forward. However, she’s not coordinated yet so she still falls down, but at least she’s getting that her arms need to move too.

I haven’t witnessed this myself yet, but Grandma said that she found Anna sitting up in her crib after a few naps last week. My baby can sit up on her own from laying down? Amazing.

I need to update Anna’s toy collection. Some are too baby-ish for her now. Until I find time to shop around, she loves to bang on the keyboard and crinkle magazines. We try to involve her in everything we do – sorting the mail, putting up curtains, or changing out the battery in the smoke detector. I put her on the countertop (in the Bumbo) while I cook and she does just fine.

Overall, Anna is doing great!

i want some treat too!
i love to laugh with my mouth wide open!


  1. Awesome pictures. Wow! She's doing so well! I hope you find her sitting in her crib soon. I know that will be very exciting.

  2. If we leave her alone long enough after she wakes up, we do find her with her little hands wrapped around the crib bars and sitting on her little tush. But we normally pick her up the moment we hear her little peeps.

    For the first pic, for anyone wondering, Pesto is chewing on a tiny piece of chicken jerky when Anna decided to hop on her white steed.

  3. she'll be well on her way to crawling and sitting soon! so cute!

  4. I think I'll worry about every little thing whenever I become a mom, even if the doctor says everything's ok! Good for you for making the working mom situation work. I can't wait to hear how that part has been going and how you've been feeling about it.

  5. that was what it was - a chicken jerky! Has Anna pop anything belonging the her furry siblings into her mouth yet?
    She is such a happy baby! :)

  6. She is one happy and beautiful little girl. Pesto seems to be a little edgy with her hanging over him!


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