6 months

Miss A,

Half a year has gone by. It seems long, but went oh so fast. Our little family has been a busy bunch lately, but you have a been champion at adjusting to all of our big changes.

These days, you are:
*Spending 7-3 with Grandma. We are so fortunate to have this arrangement.
*Sleeping in your own room and isn't at all bothered by the transition.
*Rocking the solids and has the proper poos to prove it. You go nuts over mushy rice blended with squash and chicken.
*Getting more curious about the two other creatures that live with us.
*Doing great on developing your gross motor skills. "She's very advanced." Your new pediatrician's words. Not mine.
*Squealing in delight when we hug/kiss/squeeze you. Your personality is coming out.
*Continuing to have strange anxiety. Guess you are just careful on who you want to associate with. :)
*Loving the great outdoors. When we take you out, you don't ever get upset.
*Hating some diaper changes. One day you will understand that we are actually doing you a favor.
*Staring us down while we eat.
*Grabbing everything in sight and then put it in your mouth.

Anna, you sparkle with charm and I am treasuring our moments more than ever as time is slipping by so so quickly. Well, as I always say, if I had super power, I would cast a spell and keep you in babyhood a bit longer.



  1. Adorable picture!
    How can half a year be already over?!

  2. She's got a great smile! I would love that very same power. It goes by so quickly! take care!

  3. Oh goodness... what a marvelous picture!!!

  4. Look at here sitting up and smiling. She is really adorable and so big now. I love seeing her grow up in blog land. Way to go on getting her to sleep in her own room already!

  5. By the way, in all the commotion about Anna we forgot to say Happy Birthday to her mommy! Happy Birthday Joyce!!! I hope you guys have a wonderful time celebrating on your cruise!

  6. Oh, did I miss your b'day? Happy belated birthday, Joyce!

  7. @ knickknacks: Thank you, thank you!


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