Solids: Rice Cereal Edition

For the last few weeks, my 5 month old baby has been taking long gazes at our food and smacking her lips. I figured it was a sign that she was ready to eat more than just breast milk.

Now, I have mentioned before that hubs likes to give her a taste of whatever he's eating...and he has been doing that since she was about 3 months old.

But it's time to officially start her on solid food!

Today on the menu was brown rice mush mixed with breast milk. We loosely followed the recipes found here.

Miss Anna herself actually helped in making her own food. Look at that face of concentration while she stirred.

stir, stir, stir
After a quick outfit change, it was time to eat.
first taste of rice cereal
Her face said it all. She did not like the plain rice and spat it out.

So hubs decided to puree a peach to give it more flavor. Haha, but by then she was so disgusted with the rice cereal that the meal ended with her in tears.

Suffice to say, her first solids did not go well.

Ah, I am not too upset about it. Truthfully, I am not ready for her to eat grown-up food yet. Or deal with grown-up poop.

We will wait another week and try again, but may skip the whole rice cereal stage and move right to vegetable and fruit purees. We will see. Looking forward to having our own little baby test kitchen! Having a baby is so fun.


  1. It truly is fun having a baby. I am amazed at how much a week's time can change their readiness or ability to do something.

  2. So funny. Anna is going to be a good cook when she grows up.

  3. awwww! haha anna's going to be a fantastic cook! "don't bother me - i'm making mah foooooood!"

  4. Funny how she looked so serious with her food preparation! Haha! Must be fun experimenting with Anna as she grows!

  5. :) She's going to be calling Gordon Ramsey in... I just know it...

  6. Looks like she takes after her mom in the kitchen. It's good to start them young!

    And that face is priceless :)

  7. I love that photo of Anna stirring the pot! Welcome to the world of solids, Anna. There's no turning back now!

  8. How could she not love the peaches!? Oh well, more for me then.

  9. That picture of her "cooking" is adorable!


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