Seriously, Just Skip This Post.

*WARNING* What you are about to read is extremely boring and may put you to sleep. Read at your own risk.

Roughly around Anna's fourth month of life, I found out that girl doesn't care for breast milk that have been frozen.

Unfortunately, by then, I had at least 800 oz of breast milk in the freezer.

To put that into context, Anna eats about 26 oz a day so my stash could've fed her for one entire month. That's one month that I could've not pumped...because pumping is annoying and time consuming.

So all the milk went down the drain, along with some tears, anger, and frustration.

Since I was still producing more milk than Anna's consumption, I turned to Dr. Google for some answers and found the following:

Scalding milk is the recommended solution for excessive lipase. It is the safest way to reduce the lipase, which makes the milk taste unpleasant. Lipase is the enzyme that breaks down fat in the milk. If the mother finds after freezeing and thawing that her milk has a rancid smell, she can prevent this from occurring in the future by heating her expressed milk to a scald (bubbling around the edges but not boiling) right after collecting it, and then quickly cooling and freezing it. Scalding inactivates the lipase. --Source

I followed the instructions and what do you know?!

Anna happily drinks any breast milk now, fresh or frozen.

Too bad I didn't know about this sooner. Now that little Miss Piggy is eating almost as much as I am producing, my stash isn't building up nearly as fast. We may just have to give her formula when we go on vacation...which I know isn't the end of the world...

Oh well...lesson learned for kid number two.

But I hope this information will help someone out there!


  1. Second kid, huh? So you still haven't been traumatized yet. That's promising :p

    Thanks for the tip. I'll keep that in mind for my first kid yeeaaars down the line!

    And I'm sorry for the tears and frustration. I bet I would've felt the same, but at least you've found a quick and easy solution.

  2. Oh! And nice job with the post title. You know damn well I rushed right over when I saw it on my blog roll ;)

  3. Good to know! Though I REALLY hope that if we have a second kid, we have better success with breastfeeding.
    How long are you planning on pumping for? Now that Ephram is almost 6 months, I'm starting to think about cutting my pumping sessions down gradually. But it's so nice that it's free!

  4. @ Dorkys: And do you wish you had skipped it? You can tell me the truth.

  5. @ donya: I will try to pump as long as I can, but it's doubtful that I will make it to a year because, quite frankly, it takes DEDICATION! And now that I am going back to work, I think I would rather use the time I have at home with Anna rather than with my pump. My hope for now is at least until 7 months. Don't know why I am fixed on that number though.

  6. Whoa... you are thinking second kid already? Well, I shouldn't be surprised as you are the ulimate planner sort.

    I'm jealous actually - of your planning ability I mean.

  7. Pssh, you should know by now that I enjoy whatever randomness you post up here even if I can't relate at the moment :p

  8. i read this! and i'm so glad i did. now i'll keep this in mind!

  9. Not for immediate use but I'll have it stored somewhere at the back of my mind. I will definitely bug you for more tips when my turn comes!

  10. wow! that's a LOT of pumping! Good for you. I couldn't do it -- too time consuming. I just breastfeed.

  11. Word to the wise: If you plan to feed formula in September, start introducing it now, little by little - she won't necessarily like it or even drink it right away.

  12. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?August 27, 2010 at 11:27 PM

    uh...second kid?


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