My Schedule as a SAHM (w/ a 5 month old)

My days as a SAHM is winding down and I thought I would do a post on my daily schedule to help me remember this tiring, yet happy, time. This schedule is for a very typical Monday, when my husband is at work (on other days he may work from home) and I am home alone with my baby.

5:30am - Wake up to Anna's coos. Retrieve her from the crib and give her morning bottle.

5:45am - Anna falls back to sleep. Put her in the crib.

5:50am - I pump, eat breakfast, and get myself ready for the day. Sometimes I take the boys + trash out if hubs hasn't done it. I may go back to sleep.

7:30am - Husband leaves for work.

8:40am - Anna wakes up. I change her and wipe her face. We play, activities include: floor time, read books, chit-chat, and we may go for a walk.

9:45am - I feed Anna. She's still strictly on Mama's milk diet.

10:00am - We play some more.

10:55am - Anna goes down for a nap in her crib.

I wish I could say that after she goes to sleep, I have hours of doing absolutely nothing.

But I don't.

I hurry to eat lunch, pump & wash bottles, tidy up the place, do laundry, take the boys out, refill their food/water bowls, brush Pargo, and many other things. But I always manage to squeeze in some Internet & blogging time.

12:30pm - Anna wakes up. I change her and play silly games to make her laugh.

1:15pm - I feed her. We play, activities include: floor time with Sesame Street on the background, watch an episode of Baby Einstein, read books, and chit-chat. Or we may leave the house for a bit (to the mall, library, grandparents', etc). Today we went to a Hallmark store and Starbucks.

2:30pm - Anna goes down for a nap in her crib.

I grab a quick snack, take the boys out, tidy up the place, prep for dinner, and do many other things. Then I sit down in front of my computer and surf the web. I may look for deals, research baby products, check my Google Reader, and write a blog post.

4:15pm - Anna wakes up. I change and feed her. Husband gets home.

After waking up from her last nap at 4:15pm, Anna is up until bedtime. We do a variety of things during this time:
- Cook & eat dinner
- Play with Anna as a family
- Take the boys out
- Go for a walk
- Get mail
- Anna gets a bath (every other night)
- Watch TV
- & a million of other things

7:00 - 7:30pm - Start bedtime routine: books, songs, and feed. If we are lucky she falls right to sleep for the night after bottle.

7:40pm - I pump and wash bottles.

8:10pm - Husband and I may hang out. Or he may watch a movie and I do more stuff on the computer.

9:15 - 10pm - I crash into bed.

Anna sleeps through the night, but may wake up once or twice. Usually she can go back to sleep on her own. If not, I get up and move her to a different position and she goes back to dreamland. No middle of the night feedings!

*On days when Anna wakes up at 6:30am, everything gets pushed back an hour and she goes to bed at 8:00 - 8:30pm. I am trying to get her consistently on the 5:30am wake-up time schedule so when I go back to work, I can see her in the morning before I leave.

*I wish we followed this schedule by the minute - all the time - but we don't. However, this is our typical schedule pattern.

*On days when husband doesn't need to go into the office, he helps out with feeding, diaper change, and playtime throughout the day. It's nice to have him home.


  1. I was just thinking of writing up a "typical" schedule for Ephram and I this week! I so wish Ephram would sleep until 8:40am. I'm still pumping too! But Ephram usually gets one bottle of formula every other day or so since I'm not producing quite enough.

  2. @ donya: I love reading other mommies' schedules. Post yours soon!

  3. So wait, is this what I'm supposed to do after I quit my job? I dunno, especially the pumping part. Can't do that, NOPE! She better start liking peaches and nanners!

    I think I can pull this off for a few years before she starts hitting the books. Can't wait, my resignation letter is all typed up and ready!

  4. wow! your schedule looks so intense! motherhood must be so rewarding if women keep doing it! =)

  5. OMG, she sleeps like 16 hrs a day! I wish I could say the same for Sasha. Lucky you!! No wonder your maternity leave is so enjoyable!:)

  6. I think with a schedule like that - I'd be looking forward to getting some rest... at work!

  7. I can defintely relate to this schedule. Looks like mine, give or take an hour or so! Enjoy your mat leave for as long as you can. It goes by so fast!

  8. We have a pretty simple but strict schedule...strict only in the fact that I need to know her feeding times. I have to be able to align my pumping schedules when I go back to work (in a week and a half - sob!) with her feeding times.

    Right now we're on a 3.5 hour time frame, from beginning of one feeding to the beginning of the next.

    She eats at 5am, plays (for a very short time, just some chit chat in bed) and then back to sleep. She will wake around 8 or preferably 8:30, straight to a full feeding, and then playtime for an hour or so. Then naptime until the next feeding at 12pm. She eats another full feeding, plays for an hour or hour and a half, and then naptime again until the next feeding at 3:30. After this feeding, she plays and naps again, but typically sneaks in a snack...eating at 6 and then 8pm, then straight to bed until I wake her at 10:30 pm to eat. That's getting phased out though, within the month, with the 8pm feeding meeting the 10:30pm feeding in the middle around 9. She'll then sleep from 9-5.

    It sounds exhausting to type it all up! LOL BUT, it's very useful, actually, and has always kept my babies fairly content with full bellies and very little "I'm too tired" fussy moments. Their bodies seem well-adjusted and like knowing what to expect.


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