Post-Baby Life: the dogs

the bups
In my pre-baby life, I used to be judgey toward those who give their pets away once they have human babies. How irresponsible of them. Pets are a part of the family.

Post-baby, I can sort of understand.

Now, I have no plans to send my dogs away, but I would be a complete liar if I said juggling two dogs and a baby has been a piece of cake. Here are few reasons why it hasn't been a smooth transition for all of us...

1. Dogs are naturally barky. We are blessed with probably the two barky-est breeds of all - a yorkie and a chihuahua. They look out of the window all day long and bark at anything that comes within 10 feet of their sight. It used to be fine, even entertaining. But with a baby? Not so much. Sometimes they bark just when Anna falls asleep....OMG. Lets just say Anna isn't the only one screaming at that point. (But, with some training, they are getting so much better, though.)

2. That Pesto is a shedding machine. His hair can be found on the carpet, on the couch, on the bed. The next dog we get will be of a non-shedding variety for sure. We didn't mind as much before as we had time to clean. Now that free time is a rare commodity, all I really want is a clean house. I don't want to see hair on Anna's burp cloth, on her face, in her hair, between her toes and fingers, and, this just happened today, in her bottle. So irritating! I know her growing up with pets will do wonders to her immune system and hopefully become an animal lover, but really, I just want a place free of dog hair.

3. Little dogs...they are so high maintenance. I have to brush Pargo's hair and clean his face everyday or else he turns into a wild beast. Hubs spends a decent amount of time grooming both dogs and bathing them. We don't groom and bath them nearly as often anymore, but when we do, it's a couple hours of work. When you become a parent, there is never enough hours in the day.

Yes, I am aware that we signed up for all these when we decided to get pets, but adding a baby to the mix can get overwhelming. People warned me while I was pregnant, but I never believed it. Or at least, I thought I would be an exception.

I don't blame the dogs. In fact, I feel guilty that I don't give them the attention they deserve. After all, they are my first kids. Hopefully after we move and when they have green grass to romp around in, they will be happier with the extra space and we can all just sit on the deck and watch them sniff and play.


  1. Your dogs are so adorable in the photo! I know just how you feel. We had a dog when my first daughter was born. He passed away a year and half later with cancer. It was hard work with a newborn and a dog who was used to being the baby in the house. I'm sure the new house and yard will be great for all of you!

  2. Soon Anna will be a bit bigger and the barking won't be a problem anymore...

    It will be really soon - since time is flying!

  3. awww. cute doggies. i know what you mean. we had 2- 4 legged babies prior to our kids and they were so spoiled. post baby-not so much. Our dogs sure don't get the same attention once kids came into the picture.

  4. I feel the exact same way about our cats. They were our little babies before Ephram was born, but now they add so much additional work.
    You said, "When you become a parent, there is never enough hours in the day." This is beyond true!


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