Dog Food Can...Beautified and Re-purposed!

Remember when I prettified some binder clips? Or how I embellished wooden clothespins? Yup, they were a blast to make, but hard to keep track of them in my kitchen drawer.

So here is my latest creation. Took no more than 10 minutes to make and my kitchen drawer is now a bit more organized. I am loving how it turned out - going to make more once we move to the new place!

You will need: a tuna can (or a dog food can, which is what I used), scrapbook paper, decoupage, scissors, and a brush.

1. Scrub the can clean. I soaked mine is hot soappy water, wiped it dry, and sprayed Febreze all over. It dog food smell.
2. Trim scrapbook paper to size to cover the can.
3. Use brush and apply a thin layer of decoupage glue all around the can.
4. Place your paper onto the can. Let it dry. Apply another layer of decoupage glue to the top of the paper. Wait and let it dry.

I like that this looks like a complete set, but in reality, I just didn't have any other scrapbook paper. I still have a little piece of that red paper left...maybe I will cover something else with it. :)

This project was inspired by something I blogged about a long time ago.


  1. Our junk drawer needs organizing so badly. This is a great idea!!

  2. that is SO pretty!

  3. Something tells me you have a LOT of dog food cans you can use!! :)


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