24 weeks & working mama

Just a short note here to say that I went back to work today. Those twenty-four weeks sure were long but they flew right by me. They weren’t always sunshine and lollipops, but they were always fulfilling...but those weeks are behind me now.

I’m not going to lie and say returning to work was easy. Anna had just woke up right before I was one foot out of the door. I picked her up from the crib, hugged her tight, and handed her to hubs. Made me a bit sad that I was leaving her for the day…but definitely comforting knowing that she was in the loving and capable hands of her Grandma.

So I am officially a working mom, for better or for worse. I am just thankful that there are plenty of snuggles from every member of the household when I return home. It makes the nine hours away fade into the distance quite easily.

The Energizer Anna
Photo: For our last summer hurrah, we took a little road trip this past weekend. More details to follow, but here is a picture of Anna, at 24 weeks, wearing her Papa out.


  1. :( After becoming a mother, I don't think any job could ever be more fulfilling than taking care of your own child. Glad Anna saved you plenty of snuggles for after work!

  2. LOL! I think Anna has already totally worn (not wearing) Hubs out...

    I'm glad you survived today - were you co-workers happy to see you?

  3. Little Anna seemed pretty happy entertaining herself after knocking daddy out! lol.
    It must have been really tough for you to leave home this morning! Hope things are not too hectic back at work! :)

  4. Such a funny picture! Hope your first day back was okay. I'm sure Anna was very happy to see you at the end of the day. It must be comforting that you have family looking after Anna. Take care!

  5. what a funny pic! i am sure parenthood is very tiring!!! hope you don't miss your little one too much by going back to work!

  6. LOL. what a great picture. I'm a working mother and completely understand how difficult it is to juggle work and home life at times but somehow we get through it. Hope all went well with work. soon you'll be back into the swing of things!


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