23 weeks & a big shopping spree

This weekend was all about shopping for furnitures!

It was an epic trip and it all happened like this:

Because we didn't care to live in an empty box, we wanted to buy at least some furnitures for the family & living room and have them delivered on the day we move in. So over the last few weeks, we looked online and found two collections we liked at The Room Store. We went to the store this weekend and saw them in person. Comfy, yes. Nice-looking, yes. Good price, yes. We will take both!

...but not before trying our luck in asking for some kind of discount.

The salesperson surprised us with a friends & family discount of 20%!

So with the discount, we thought: Hey, as long as we are already paying for delivery (a flat fee after spending more than $1000), we might as well get a bedroom set + mattress and a sectional sofa for the basement.

And we did. We had never been so decisive.

Well, we are a few grand poorer, but at least we will have places to sit at the new place.

Here is Anna, at 23 weeks, modeling (+ tripoding) on one of the couches we got.

modeling on the couch
the roomstore
And because I am all about having a balance, I took home this free chair I spotted in the neighborhood. I am going to refinish it - no idea how, but will learn. :)
free chair


  1. That couch looks comfy and I like the pillows on it, too!

  2. Yay to furniture I can sit on when I come visit! ;)
    The look on Anna's face is priceless! Haha!

  3. what a score on the chair! I think it's pretty fab!

  4. I love buying new furniture and finding old ones are just as fun.

  5. Anna really makes that sofa look just perfect!


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