20 weeks & nap talk

For the record, I really like taking Anna out. Not only she gets to soak up the world around her, but I also get a break from playing with her at home. We always enjoy ourselves whenever we go out - Anna is rarely in a bad mood and I get some fresh air.

Going out may be fun, but coming back home? Not so much. Here is why:

Anna goes down for naps roughly 2 - 2.5 hours after being awake. This doesn't really give us much time to go places without her missing a nap. To avoid this as much as I can, I get myself completely ready and diaper bag packed when she's asleep. When she wakes up, I feed and change her and we are out of the door. Then we come back just in time for her nap. This works very well whenever I am just taking her on short trips, such as the mall or my parents' house.

Sometimes we go on trips that last for more than 2 - 2.5 hours (including getting her ready, driving, etc) and she's forced to take naps outside. When this happens, I can always expect some fussiness from her. And if/when she finally falls asleep in the car seat, it lasts no more than half an hour. And when we finally get home and put her down for a real nap, she refuses to keep her eyes shut. Lack of sleep = unhappy Anna.

When Anna misses a nap because we are out, I admit that I get crankier than her.

Saturday night we went to hubs' parents' new place. Since their new house is 35 minutes away, I knew that we wouldn't make it back in time for her bedtime and she would be fussy. I was right. After 3 hours of being awake (too many faces to see), tiredness hit her like a ton of bricks that she fussed for a bit but fell asleep in the car seat around the dining table while we ate. We had hoped that we would continue to sleep for the ride home, but she woke up and screamed the ENTIRE WAY. Did you know there is nothing worse than a screaming baby in a moving car? After we came home and fed her, she was wide awake and didn't finally fall asleep for the night until 5 hours after she last woke up. I was not pleased.

It's true what they say, the less sleep a baby gets, the more difficult she will be in falling AND staying asleep.

Yesterday we drove around our new neighborhood and stopped by Meadowlark Botanical Gardens for some pictures. Weather was perfect. Overcast and breezy. Anna was overall in a very good mood - saw flowers, butterflies, lakes, and the gazebo where her parents got married. On the 20-minute drive back, she fell asleep and, again, we hoped she would stay asleep when we got home and put her in the crib. No luck. She woke up and didn't take a nap until hours later, which meant she didn't go to sleep for the night until well past 10.

As much as I like taking Anna out, sometimes I just want to stay home so she doesn't miss any naps! But knowing me, I still want to take her out as much as I can so I guess I just have to deal with it.

Anyway, here are some photos from Meadowlark. I like how they turned out! We love this special place and thinking about getting an annual pass once we move!

{You are 20 weeks old, Anna!}

Anna @ 20 weeks
Meadowlark Gardens 01Aug10
Meadowlark Gardens 01Aug10
More images from the trip here.


  1. She looks so cute in that blue and pink outfit sitting amongst the pertunias. :)

    I'm surprised she doesn't sleep in the car - maybe its too smooth or quiet - or the radio needs an Anna snooze channel set.

  2. @ Intense Guy: Sometimes she does fall asleep in the car...when the car is moving. Red lights upset her. Sometimes, however, she wakes up in the car and starts crying and there is practically nothing you can do to calm her down...even when we get on the highway. Her eyes are closed, but she just screams and screams.

    I say she's an average sleeper in the car. Some good days, some bad days.

  3. Oh what fun! :) Funny the pic of her tearing daddy's hair out! lol

  4. I like the one with Anna crossing her legs on the blue chair!

  5. We struggle with this same thing with Ephram. He's a little better about sleeping in his car seat, but any trip ends up disrupting his nap schedule. *sigh* It's just so much easier to stay home and never go anywhere!
    Love the photos!

  6. Such beautiful pictures! She's such a little lady!

    The napping and timing thing does get easier as they get a little older and it goes down to 2 naps per day, rather than 3. We don't have the luxury of staying in all day since my 3 year old isn't on the same nap schedule as my 7 month old, but just staying in is soooo nice sometimes! Enjoy!

  7. @ donya: It's good to know that I am not alone in this!

    @ flora: Although things may get easier when Anna gets down to 2 naps a day, but I know I will miss my *free* time.


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